Emslift is your point of contact for used forklift trucks in Emsland. We buy and sell electric, gas and diesel forklift trucks in the entire area between Meppen, Cloppenburg and Papenburg.

Used trucks with convincing arguments

To offer the best in the field of electric, gas and diesel forklift trucks, which are technically tipptopp and still provide many hours of service in the warehouse or on the transshipment site, Arben Ademaj wanted to offer the storage car park operators in Emsland when he founded Emslift in 2013.

A concept that has emerged since then, the company has grown steadily and has firmly established itself as a dealer for used forklift trucks, specializing in Linde. The construction of a hall is already necessary to counter the growth of the forklift truck company.
Emslift is one of the first addresses for second-hand forklifts and other transport vehicles with electric, gas or diesel engines in the Meppen, Cloppenburg and Papenburg districts. The company also operates internationally and exports used forklifts to Albania and the Balkans.

We are always interested in the purchase of forklifts from all brands: Contact us and let us make an attractive offer for your used forklift!